The Dresden Green Diamond

by on December 9, 2011

The Dresden Green diamond is an extraordinary diamond whose origin is unknown. It is a 41 carat green diamond most well-known for its size, of course, and for its rich color.

The Dresden Green diamond was first sold at the Leipzig, Germany Fair in 1743 to Fredrick Augustus II of Saxony for $150,000.

At some point, the green diamond was put on display in the “green vaults” at the royal palace of Dresden, Germany. In World War II, the diamond was confiscated and taken to Russia after Dresden fell within the Russian occupied zone.

In 1958, after many lawsuits, the Dresden Green diamond was returned and placed in the “green vaults” again where it still remains.

The almond shaped Dresden Green diamond has an intense green color. Diamonds with extreme color have more value than colorless diamonds. With its vivid and intense color, the Dresden Green diamond is not only extremely valuable, but beautiful as well.



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