Color Treated Diamonds

by on November 1, 2011

Fancy colored diamonds have become so popular that a way has been found to treat natural diamonds in a lab to change its color.

Heat pressure high temperature diamond treatment (HPHT) is the most common type of treatment to create fancy colored diamonds. This process heats the diamond to 3600 degrees Fahrenheit while the diamond is under high pressure 60,000 atmospheres just as it would in nature. The heat combined with the pressure creates the color change. The HPHT method to treat diamonds produces diamonds of varying colors including vibrant yellow orange, yellow green, brilliant red or pink and deep blue. HPHT is used not only to change the color of the diamond to a fancy color but also to change a brownish color diamond to a colorless more valuable diamond.

Heat pressure high temperature diamond treatment is permanent and the Federal Trade Commission requires that this kind of treatment is disclosed at the time of purchase.

Fancy colored diamonds are more expensive because they are rarer than heat pressure high temperature treated diamonds. For this reason, you can purchase a natural diamond that has had this treatment and get the desired look of a fancy colored diamond at a much lower price.

Be sure to get an appraisal or certificate that ensures your diamond has had the heat pressure high temperature diamond treatment.




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